Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Mowing

Mow regularly: Grass is a plant and removing too much of it at one time will cause stress to your lawn. Adjust cutting heights based on conditions: Never cut at a height less than 2.5 inches, or 1/3 of the total height off, Mulch the clippings: This returns valuable nutrients back to the soil. However, be careful not to leave clumps on the lawn. Keep the mower blade sharp: A sharp blade insures a clean cut and helps prevent disease and insect issues.


Time of day: Water when the temperature is cooler. Watering early in the morning is ideal, however evenings are fine too if mornings do not fit your schedule. How to water: Use a sprinkler that sprays water evenly over your entire lawn area, not the road or sidewalks. This saves water. What days not to water: Please support your local “Water Wise Wednesday” program. How much to water: for best results water for 45 minutes per area, every other day, avoiding Wednesdays. This allows the water to soak down deeper and encourages root growth. Watering every other day gives your lawn time to dry up and reduces lawn fungus and diseases. Remembering to water: Underground sprinkler systems can be professionally installed with a timer. Another option is an above ground sprinkler system, which also works off a timer. Aeration: Aerating your lawn de-compacts the soil and allows your lawn to hold more water. This basically turns your lawn into a giant sponge, and should be done in the spring or fall.

Gardening and Plant Care

This fun and easy activity is simple to learn and a hobby enjoyed by many Canadians. Lawn Troopers® is happy to offer free tips and advice. Please email any questions to [email protected] If you live in Peel, the region provides free Landscape Consultations at 905-791-7800 ex 4409. For other regions please email [email protected] for a referral in your area.

Any Lawn Issues

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