10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Lawn Care Company

Hiring a lawn care companyEvery homeowner wants a beautiful and healthy lawn, but lawn maintenance can be difficult. Often times homeowners are inexperienced or don’t have the time to care for their lawn themselves. At this point, it may be wise to look into hiring a lawn care service. But how to you go about choosing the right company for your lawn? This helpful guide provides 10 important details to consider before hiring a lawn care company.

1. Reputation

Do your research. There are many lawn care services, some better than others. Do a quick Google search to see how one company compares to another. Are there a lot of good reviews or bad reviews? Does the company have any local news mentions or accolades? Asking neighbors what lawn service they use is a great way of finding out the reputation of local lawn care services.

2. Licensed

Make sure the lawn service is licensed according to local by-laws. It might be cheaper to hire a company that is unlicensed; however, a license implies the company is professional and trained to work in their field.

3. Insured

Make sure the company is insured. An insured company ensures that you are not held responsible if a worker gets hurt on your property.

4. Organization

Is the lawn service in a provincial or national trade organization? A lawn care company that is a member of a trade organization demonstrates that this company is truly dedicated to their profession, and dedicated to upholding the standards of the lawn care industry.

5. Customer Service

Invest in a company that you can easily communicate with should a question or problem come up.

6. Equipment

Choose a lawn care company that takes good care of their equipment. The blades of a mower should be changed out or sharpened for every ten hours of mowing. Don’t be afraid of asking how often they change out their blades.

7. Contracts

What types of contracts does the lawn service require? Yearly? Is it mandatory to get a contract or is verbal agreement okay? Also, make sure you know what the contract entails. Do they provide money back for unsatisfactory service? Ask.

8. Pricing

Make sure you get a quote. Do not trust companies that guarantee a yearly rate without seeing your lawn first. Find out what payment plans are available. Can you pay a yearly fee upfront and save costs? Will you be charged for service calls?

9. Services

Before looking for a lawn-care company, decide what it is you are looking for. Different companies use different techniques and provide different services.

10. Reliability

Sometimes word-of-mouth and online reviews are not enough. If you are unsure about a company’s reliability, ask them for references. A good company will not hesitate to provide you with confirmation of their reliability.

If you have any more questions and would like to speak to a lawn care professional, contact us. Lawn Troopers is an experienced and professional lawn care company dedicated to providing you with top-quality lawn maintenance.