6 Tips for Getting a Thicker, Greener Lawn this Summer

greener lawn this summerHaving a thick, healthy, and beautiful green lawn is every homeowner’s dream. However, achieving the picture-perfect lawn can be difficult. Lawn maintenance requires hard work and persistence. Here are 6 tips to help you achieve a thick, green lawn this summer.

1. Overseeding

Planting grass seeds all over your lawn can help thicken your lawn by filling in thin spots. Make sure the grass seeds match the type of grass already growing in your lawn.

2. Aerate

Using a core aerator on your lawn increases the oxygen, water, and nutrients supply to the roots of your grass for a healthier looking lawn.

3. Weed Control

Pulling out weeds is essential in maintaining the healthy appearance of your lawn. You have to dig out the whole root of the weed so that the weed is not in direct competition with the roots of your grass.

4. Watering

Irregular watering can cause dead and thin spots to appear on your lawn. Ideally, you want your lawn to receive one inch of water a week. More watering may be required in hotter climates.

5. Fertilizing

Fertilizing regularly is just as important as watering regularly. Fertilizer provides essential nutrients for your lawn. Make sure you use a fertilizer that is appropriate for your grass type.

6. Mowing Correctly

Regular mowing is healthy for your lawn, just make sure not to mow your lawn too short. Having shorter grass blades decreases your lawn’s defenses against pests and weather, which can cause thinning.

Follow these 6 steps to a having a thicker and healthier looking lawn. If you have any questions about improving the appearance of your lawn or would like to schedule a lawn makeover, contact us. Lawn Troopers is an experienced team of professionals dedicated to providing top-quality lawn care.