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When I have guests over I often get compliments of how great my lawn looks. The Lawn Troopers team is punctual, and very enjoyable to have around. I am excited to have them back this year.

Mr. Thomas, Orangeville

Thank you for your hard work all summer. I really appreciate the great service I received. The work was superb, and it was great you could accommodate my special requests. The workers were always so nice and friendly too.

Mr. Reynalds, Orangeville

Lawn Troopers has proved to be a very reliable and effective lawn service for us. When there is something that can be improved, they are responsive and reliable.

Susan, Orangeville


Lawn Troopers fertilized and mowed our lawn. They were prompt and left our lawn looking well manicured and beautiful. We [are moving but] would like them to continue with our new property this year.

Matt and Dianne, Bolton

I just wanted to express my thoughts and thank you for another great service provided last year. Your crew didn't hesitate to complete the grass cutting and trimming with perfection and my flower garden looks better than what I could possibly do given my lack of time. I would highly recommend Lawn Troopers over and over again and look forward to dealing with you this coming summer.

Stephanie, Caledon

I had a major weed issue on my lawn, and called up Lawn Troopers to see what can be done. They explained the process to me, and gave me very clear and realistic expectations. After a few months my lawn looked much better. By the end of the season, I was getting complements. I am so happy to have a yard I can be proud of and enjoy on the weekends.

John, Caledon

Lawn Troopers is a very caring and dedicated company. There friendly staff really make a difference, and I am so happy I hired them. A great service is hard to find, and I’m glad I finally found one.

Mrs. Mills, Caledon


My lawn looks so nice now. I am glad I hired [Lawn Troopers]. I am not home very much, and I know that when I am I will have a nice lawn to enjoy. They leave me a nice note whenever there is an issue, and always inform me what can be done about it.

Mr. Sinclair, Nobleton

I was blown away with the service I received from Lawn Troopers. I have had other companies in the past, and really noticed a difference with how Lawn Troopers does business. I really like knowing exactly when they will be there, and week after week the work is consistently great.

Mr. And Mrs. Collins, King City

We moved to King City in 2010. Our lawn was over grown when I moved in and a friend of ours had recommended Lawn Troopers to me. I gave them a call and a nice young lady came by and explained what could be done. I couldn’t believe how beautiful my yard looked after the first service. I have been using them ever since. My lawn looked so good that they were soon doing some of my neighbours as well. Thanks guys!

Mr. and Mrs. Peche, King City


I don’t know much about lawns, which is why I hired Lawn Troopers. They take the time to answer all of my questions and always inform me what they are doing. And its working because my lawn looks so much better now than when they started. Thank you for your hard work.

Maria, Vaughan

I have Lawn Troopers look after my yard. I am away quite often in the summer, and do not have the time or the desire to do the work myself. It’s nice to have such a reliable company that I can always count on.

Mr. Piperni, Vaughan

I would like to thank Lawn Troopers for their dedicated work at my property. In years past I spent what little free time I had maintaining my yard... Now with Lawn Troopers all I have to do is enjoy it! They are so professional and have recommended them to a couple of my co-workers. Thank you for your hard work.

Mrs. McCoy, Vaughan


The weed control program that you provided me was excellent. In addition to getting rid of the weeds on my lawn your crew dealt with all the weeds on my interlocking driveway and walkways and they never returned. Keep up the good work!

Michael, Brampton

We have been with Lawn Troopers over 2 years now. They offer a very comprehensive lawn care service. Their team is very punctual, Knowledgeable and very accommodating to our requests and concerns. We are very happy with their services and we have no hesitation in recommending their service to others.

Mr. Singharetn, Brampton

I contacted Lawn Troopers for assistance with my lawn maintenance two years ago when a severe back problem forced me to find help. I was absolutely delighted with the conscientious service and the staff’s attention to detail as well as the affordable price. I plan to continue using Lawn Troopers in future.

Mike, Brampton

I highly recommend Lawn Troopers for your lawn care needs. I love having a well manicured lawn but greatly dislike doing the work. I was driving home one day and saw a truck with the logo Lawn Troopers, so I called them and I received a fantastic quote right away. I asked how soon I could get service. I came home from work a few days later to find the lawn treated and mowed. Thank you so much for your service!

Mrs. Hinds, Brampton

I was very happy with your work, you did a great job – this year we had the best lawn on the street!

Mrs. Khan, Brampton


I am extremely pleased with the exceptional service that I have received. You’re Integrity, dedication, and kindness that you show your customers is obvious. Your employees are remarkable and are true professionals and always take pride in the work that they do. I will not hesitate to recommend Lawn Troopers to anyone.

Cynthia, Mississauga

I have appreciated the weekly service of Lawn Troopers for 3 years. They have come promptly on the scheduled day, following my requests. Whenever I have had the opportunity to speak to any of the employees, they have been friendly and polite... And my lawn looks great!

Mrs. Greening, Mississauga

I appreciate Lawn Troopers promptness, reliability and team work.

Mrs. Arends, Mississauga


I love the fact that they are a local company that cares so much about their work. They offer truly a great service and my lawn is always so nice to come home to.

Rick of Oakville

I am very satisfied with all the efforts you put in my Lawn. Initially when I bought this package my lawn was in very bad shape. I was a bit skeptical about it because nothing significant was happening at first. All my neighbours and friends were surprised to see my lawn improve so much over the year. I intend to use your service again in the spring.

Mrs. Alam, Oakville

Lawn Troopers have been cutting our lawn since 2009. My wife and I have been impressed with the quality of service this young Canadian company was able to offer. Their personnel have been always friendly and attentive to our specific wishes. Since last year we also transferred to Lawn Troopers fertilization, weed control etc., previously provided by a different company. Lawn Troopers now provide us with total lawn care, to our full satisfaction.

Mr. Nor, Oakville


I am new to the area and did not own any lawn care equipment or know much about grass. I called up Lawn Troopers and they took the time to explain the work that was needed. I found the rates very reasonable and felt comfortable hiring them. I am enjoying having the service.

Mrs. Deveau, Milton

My lawn looks great! It is very green now, and I have next to no weeds. I really appreciate your work.

Caroline, Milton

I have been a customer of lawn troopers for 5 years now and each year the service gets better and better. Thank you very much for looking after my lawn.

Greg, Milton


The technicians were very friendly and helpful. They really cared that I was happy with the work and were willing to go the extra mile. It’s very rare that you find a service this good.

Megan of Georgetown

Lawn Troopers have been doing our lawn service for two years now and I would highly recommend your very professional service I can honestly say the only way you know they have been there is that the lawn looks perfectly groomed and the driveway and sidewalks are immaculate. Last year we added the 10 Star packages to our service and by the fall our lawn had improved immensely. Thank you for your excellent service, keep up the good work.

Alan and Susan, Georgetown

Due to severe grass pollen allergy, I called Lawn Troopers for help in May. The guys came once a week and did a fine job. The mowing was clean and crisp with no scalping. Whenever I called to reschedule or ask for additional service and advice Candice would respond right away. I was very happy with their service that I hired them for. I have purchased their 10 star fertilizing and weed control package too, and am enjoying only dealing with one company.

Joshua, Georgetown