Secrets to a Beautiful Garden: Tips from a Professional Gardening Services Expert

gardening servicesAs professional gardening services experts, we often get asked, what’s the secret to a beautiful garden? Here’s our answer.

A beautiful garden brings tranquillity and comfort, allowing you to stay connected with nature and is a great additional feature to your home that you’ll be proud to show off. Here are two key strategies to help you achieve the garden of your dreams. 

1. Plan in Layers

Your garden, if properly layered, will mimic the natural world. From the ground up through the mid-story and on past the secondary-upper story to the upper tier, proper layering can accent the garden’s natural aspects. You can create your own natural-looking, layered garden by following these few simple concepts:

Ground level

Ground covers are the foundation of any attractive, lush-feeling garden. Start layering your garden by adding low-growing plants measuring 1feet tall or less. They will make your garden look full while reducing maintenance by competing with weeds and covering exposed soil. They’re perfect for accessorizing entryways, borders, and paths. 


Once you have your ground cover, you need to set up your mid-story. This tier consists of eye-level perennials and shrubs. You need to include several signature plants to create a wow factor, but be sure to select those that don’t need much room around the base. This will give you the space to plant shorter perennials underneath.

Secondary level 

This tier ties the landscape to the house, so the taller the house, the taller this tier will need to be. For single homes, select shrubs and trees that mature at 8-15 feet and 25-30 feet for two-story homes. If you’re starting a new garden, we recommend planting the shrubs and trees first and use them to frame your yard. Plant them in the corners of your yard to create focal points and soften its angles and alongside your property in groups for privacy. 

Upper level

The backbone of the layered garden is the tallest trees. This tier is meant to link the sky to your landscape and consists of 80-foot tall trees. If you’re lucky to have a home with tall trees, incorporate them into your garden layering to create the background for the rest of the garden. But most newly-constructed neighbourhoods don’t have this luxury, so start planting a few oaks and cedars.

2.  Select Colours, Textures, and Shapes

Developing each garden story creates rich, layered beds that make your garden so inviting. But when choosing the plants to fill each tier, you need to select colours, textures, and shapes that complement each other. Creating patterns and arranging plants in an aesthetically pleasing way is crucial. 

The secret to tying all four tiers together is picking a texture and colour scheme and repeating it throughout the garden to give it prominence. For example, you can pick blue, chartreuse, and burgundy as your colour scheme and prickly conifers as the texture and spread them out at roughly 20 feet throughout the garden. With the colour scheme and texture being prominent, you’re free to add other plants that you like while maintaining a cohesive look. 

We hope these secrets will help you create a beautiful garden that looks lush and layered. But if the task seems too daunting and overwhelming, we’ve got you covered! Lawn Troopers gardening services will transform your garden into the luscious outdoor space of your dreams! Contact us today to request a quote.