Weed Control for Lawns in Ontario – What Are My Options?

Weed Control for Lawns in Ontario – What Are My Options?Every spring, we get asked this question: what are the options for weed control for lawns in Ontario? Didn’t pesticides get banned? What can be used? Here’s the scoop.

Weeds usually make your lawn look unsightly and unkempt. They also compete with neighbouring plants for sunlight, water, and nutrients, causing your lawn grass to weaken and be susceptible to pests and disease. It is therefore important to keep weeds out of your lawn by utilizing effective weed control options

What kinds of pesticides are allowed in Ontario?

In Ontario, it’s illegal to use some pesticides to control weeds. Health Canada decided in 2010 to no longer allow the coupling of pesticides and fertilizers in combination products. It’s illegal to use Class 9 pesticides on home lawns and gardens. This law was made as a result of increasing reports of children being affected by toxic chemicals. 

However, there are other allowed chemicals that you can use to control weed in your lawn.  The law allows the use of Class 5, 6, and 7 pesticides on home lawns. At Lawn Troopers, we use effective and allowed pesticides to help you keep your lawn free of weeds. 

What is ‘iron-based’ / environmentally safe weed control?

Iron-based weed controls are selective herbicides used to control broadleaf weeds, moss, algae, and fungal diseases in lawns. Iron-based controls usually kill weeds, but they don’t harm the grass. They are environmentally safe, meaning that children and other people are not at the risk of being intoxicated by chemicals. 

They work quickly, delivering visible results in different weather conditions. The active ingredient in these controls is iron, meaning the herbicides have no unpleasant odour during application. People and pets can harmlessly access the treated area once the spray is dry. 

Iron-based herbicides are suitable for broadcast application or spot treatment. Lawns can be reseeded within one day of treatment. Reseeding the lawn is another effective way of maintaining it. Weeds usually grow in places with enough space. 

So, if your lawn is thin or has bare areas, it becomes a conducive breeding ground for weeds. It is therefore important to ensure that your lawn is thick enough to starve weeds of the space they require. Keep seeding bare areas both in the spring and the fall to help thicken the lawn after using iron-based weed control.  

Will it work?

Yes, but it’s not 100% effective. The best weed control for lawns in Ontario is preventing them from happening in the first place.

Now that you know your options for weed control for lawns in Ontario, let us know if you need any help this season! Lawn Troopers is prepared to defend your lawn on all fronts! Contact us to request a quote that fits your needs today.