3 Best Lawn Care Tips for Spring in Ontario

3 Best Lawn Care Tips for Spring in OntarioWant a perfect lawn this season? As professional lawn care experts we’ve put together some of our best lawn care tips for spring.

Homeowners in southern Ontario should be thinking about their lawn care now in order to enjoy a beautiful lawn and landscape throughout the spring and summer months. With a little preparation and some early action, your lawn can be vibrant and full. Taking care of your lawn now means lessening your workload later. Here are three things you should consider for your spring lawn care success. 

Let your lawn breathe

A year of buildup followed by dormancy and precipitation can leave your lawn in a slow state of suffocation, which is why it is important to let your lawn breathe in the spring. There are multiple ways to accomplish this: 

  • Deep raking
  • Thatching
  • Aeration

Some of these methods will leave your yard looking a little rough for a couple of weeks, but your lawn will bounce back from winter better if it is allowed to have some air. Letting your lawn breathe can also reduce the risk of mold and diseases. 

Spring weed control

Spring is a great time to engage in some early weed control with pre-emergent herbicides and old-fashioned, manual weed pulling. If you apply a pre-emergent herbicide, you can stop weeds before they emerge from the ground. Better yet, most pre-emergent herbicides last for months. For weeds that do emerge early, a post-emergent herbicide might be necessary. When all else fails, hand pulling weeds from the ground works well. 

Containing weeds in the spring before they’ve had a chance to spread is an effective way to reduce weed problems throughout the year. 

Prep tools for spring lawn care

Many people are motivated to do lawn work in the spring, but our motivation can wane over time. It is easier to maintain your lawn care enthusiasm if you prep your tools and make them easy to use. Sharpening the blades on mowers, chainsaws, shovels, and other tools will make everything easier. Your work will also look more professional. Don’t let your list of lawn chores become overwhelming by waiting to prep your tools. Prep them while you are motivated in the spring, so they won’t hamper your maintenance later. 

Now that you know our best lawn care tips for spring in Ontario, let us know if you need any help this season! Lawn Troopers is prepared to defend your lawn an all fronts! Contact us to request a quote that fits your needs today.