Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring? Here Are Our Best Gardening Hacks

Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring? Here Are Our Best Gardening HacksPlanting a garden this spring? Here are a few of our best gardening hacks to help you get the most out of your yard this season.

Spring season arrives as a welcomed relief because we get to see more hours of sunlight. Therefore, it is the ideal time to access your garden after the winter period. Using these spring gardening tips you can get that beautiful garden you have always wanted.

1. Soak Seeds to Reduce Germination Time

Are you planting from seeds? Did you know you can significantly reduce the germination period by soaking the seeds in water? Ensure you soak the seeds for about 24 hours before planting. Doing this ensures the sprouts won’t need to penetrate a harder shell. Because timing is everything in gardening, early germination is among the best gardening hacks you should know.

2. Use Grapefruit or Beer to Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

Snails and slugs are prevalent during spring, especially in the Toronto area. Cut grapefruits in half and turn them upside down next to your plants to get rid of snails and slugs. You can also create a beer trap to ensure you never spot any snails or slugs in your garden. Pour beer in a container and bury it below the soil level. Snails and slugs will fall into the container because they are attracted to the smell.

3. Prevent Diseases with Cinnamon

Preventing diseases needs to be among the first things you consider this spring. Because cinnamon includes antifungal qualities, sprinkle it in the soil. Doing this will ensure your seedlings don’t rot, and it is also an effective pest control method. Seeking help on disease prevention from professional gardeners will also come in handy.

4. Repurpose Plastic Soda Bottles as Micro Greenhouses

Starting cuttings or seedlings can be a daunting task, even for novice gardeners. However, you can make the process simple by installing soda bottle greenhouses. Take 2-liter soda bottles and remove the labels once you cut off the bottom. Ensure that individual cuttings and seeds get their micro greenhouses. However, remove the cut-off bottles once the cutting is rooted or the seed is germinated.

5. Sprinkle Powdered Eggshells to Boost Soil Calcium Levels

Did you know that all plants depend on calcium for healthy growth? Calcium will also help prevent plant diseases, thus making it an essential nutrient for your garden. Sprinkling powdered eggshells over your garden will help boost calcium levels. However, it will help if you mix it in with potting compost a few days before planting.

6. Use Raw Cucumber or Potato to Remove Rust from Gardening Tools

Most people hardly use their gardening tools during winter. Your equipment will, therefore, look a little rusty when spring arrives. Instead of spending a fortune on cleaning products, cut a raw cucumber or potato in half and scrub all rust-affected tools.

Get Expert Help

Planting a garden can be a hectic task, even with the above best gardening hacks. If you need expert help, consider contacting us today for a quote. At Lawn Troopers, we have a team of professional gardeners ready to help you out this spring. Contact us to request a quote that fits your needs today.