Best Lawn Care Tips from a Professional Lawn Cutting Services Company

Best Lawn Care Tips from a Professional Lawn Cutting Services CompanyLooking for lawn care tips from a professional lawn cutting services company? Here are 7 simple ways to keep your lawn healthy.

As lawn care experts, we get asked for our best lawn care tips a lot. Here are seven simple tips on how to maintain a healthy lawn.

1. Mow your Grass to the Proper Height

When you cut your lawn too short, it may struggle to grow back. However, letting your lawn get too long will encourage weed growth and may prompt pests to move in. When cutting your lawn, trim to a height of six to eight centimetres. This is the right height to encourage new growth, so you’ll always have a stunning lawn.

2. Give your Lawn Plenty of Water

Watering your lawn correctly, especially when planting new patches or during dry spells, will help to promote the growth of deep, healthy roots. It’s usually not necessary to water more than once a week, but when you do water, apply roughly 2.5 centimetres. This will give the roots plenty of water without overwatering. Too much water can deprive the soil of oxygen and promote the growth of rot, fungi, or disease.

3. Provide Nourishment

Just like any living thing, your lawn needs the proper nourishment. One great way to provide your lawn with the food it needs is by leaving grass clippings behind after mowing. These clippings quickly decompose, essentially providing your lawn with healthy compost and nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

4. Aerate the Soil

It can be tough for healthy grass to grow in compacted soil because it makes it hard for nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. This is why it’s a great idea to aerate soil that has gotten compacted with a tool like a plug aerator. You’ll want to do this during the growing season for your lawn.

5. Overseed Thinned Areas

When you notice an area of your lawn seems a little thin, you’ll want to sow new seed in these areas. If there’s a stubborn spot that just doesn’t seem to grow well, it may be a great place for something like a raised garden bed.

6. Replace Grass if Necessary

If you continually have problems with one area of your lawn, it may be easier to simply replace the grass in that area. For example, if you have a path from your house to your garden, the grass in this high-traffic area may get trampled underfoot. Instead of constantly planting new grass, it may be a better idea to replace the grass with pavers or another type of walkway.

7. Keep your Eyes Open for Problems

At least once a week, take a quick walk around your property to check on the health of your lawn. This makes it easier to spot issues before they spread. Keep an eye open for brown patches, which can be a sign of fungi, animals, insects, or other pests. It’s easier to take care of these problems right away instead of letting them get out of hand. 

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