A Quick Guide to the Best Time to Fertilize Your Lawn in Ontario

Best Time to Fertilize Your Lawn

For residents of southern Ontario, when exactly is the best time to fertilize your lawn?

Sometimes people get caught up in their lives and their lawn fertilization strategy consists of ‘whenever I get around to it’. It’s not rocket science; just a few targeted fertilization times will maximize the benefits. At the same time, this choice of when to fertilize will reduce effort and expense on your part when done correctly.

Hold Out for Late Spring

Your lawn doesn’t need fertilizer as soon as spring has sprung. Instead, it is fine to wait until late Spring because of maintenance the year before. The carbohydrate reserves that need replenishing will be ready for a fertilization for the rest of the warmer months.

Small Summer Addition

It is also recommended to do a little extra fertilization at the end of summer, to make sure that the lawn will stay vibrant throughout the fall months. This step may even be optional, but more than one small re-application is usually not necessary during the summer months.

Substantial Late Fall Application

A slow release material or organic fertilizer is helpful in the fall months before the winter comes on to give the lawn what it needs to stay as healthy as possible through winter months. In very snowy winters, this won’t be possible, but the fertilizer will slowly release, ensuring some will be left for the early Spring, starting the cycle again!

Fertilizing Help from Experts

You now know when and how to fertilize your lawn, but if you want to hire a dedicated team of professionals to help out, contact us. Whether you are responsible for a single-family home, a townhouse complex or a soccer field, Lawn Troopers are uniformed and fully insured and equipped with all the necessary tools to fertilize a range of grassy landscapes. Contact us to request a quote.