Lawn Cutting

At Lawn Troopers® we have the systems and procedures that set us apart from the competition. We will treat your lawn like our own.

About The Service

Lawn Cutting: Tactical precision with every mow!™

  • Professional and consistent weekly visits
  • Crisp trimming around all obstacles
  • Precise clean-up of clippings on walkways
lawn cutting
lawn cutting
lawn cutting
lawn cutting
Lawn Cutting Q&A
How do I get a free quote?
  • Please fill out the online request a quote form or call our office. We will reply with a free quote within one business day
What is your cancelation policy?
  • You may cancel any time for any reason. We are easy to work with. We simply ask for 2 days’ notice so we can adjust our schedule accordingly
What equipment is used?
  • We do not use any ride-on mowers. Because we only offer residential services, our mowers are perfectly matched to the size of our customers’ lawns. This means your lawn will look great and our equipment will not damage your property
How often do you cut the grass?
  • We mow once a week to keep your lawn looking great!
What height do you cut at?
  • We mow at 3” but we can adjust the height by request
What do you do with the clippings?
  • All clippings are cleaned; no visible clippings are left (provided the lawn is not overgrown)
How do I know when my grass is cut?
  • We can email or text you after each mow for peace of mind
What happens if it rains?
  • We will come as soon as the weather improves, either later that day or the following day
What if there is pet waste on my lawn?
  • Please have your lawn clear of all waste so we can professionally complete your mow. We can text or email you the night before as a reminder to have it picked up
When do you bill?
  • We bill at the end of the month, after the work is completed, not before. Our client portal provides full access to past and present invoices
What methods of payment do you except?
  • Visa or MasterCard
Can I prepay?
  • Yes, if its more convenient, you may prepay at any time and we will extend a prepay discount
What if I am not happy for any reason?
  • We will work with you to correct the issue at no additional charge. Also, there is no contract so you may also cancel any time for any reason. We just need two days’ notice
How long is the season?
  • We mow from the end of April until the grass stops growing, typically around the beginning of November, adjusted for seasonal conditions

Our lawn care services free up your valuable downtime so you can enjoy your yard. We offer a consistent and dependable lawn mowing service. With this service our professionals will trim up the edges and clean-up the clippings. With our 10-Star lawn treatment program we will apply the same premium fertilizer used by exclusive golf courses. Our weed control is applied throughout summer to reduce and eliminate broadleaf weeds. Aeration is also recommended to de-compact the soil and allow your lawn to absorb more water. We can also deliver a custom blend of premium grass seed to improve the health of the lawn. With all lawn treatments, our detailed inspection report will be completed to update you on the progress and alert you to any issues we discover.