Mulch Installation

Do your gardens need freshening up? Our team is standing by, ready to clean your garden beds and deliver and install new mulch!

About The Service

Make your landscape shine!

  • Our professional gardeners will first clean up your gardens
  • Disposal of all yard waste
  • We offer red, black, cedar and mahogany mulch. Check out the above video for a demonstration of what each type looks like

How it works

  • Once you book us, our garden team will arrive at your house. We can book appointments at specific times if you would like to be home
  • We will work diligently to complete a clean-up of the full property, or complete only the items you’ve requested
  • All yard waste will be taken away by us. Nothing is left at the house
  • We will deliver and install fresh mulch or soil at the same time!
Mulch Installation Q&A
How do I get a free quote?
  • Please fill out the online request a quote form or call our office. We will reply with a free quote within one business day
What is your cancelation policy?
  • You may cancel any time for any reason. We are easy to work with. We simply ask for 2 days’ notice so we can adjust our schedule accordingly
Can we have some new flowers planted at the same time?
  • Yes! Please purchase the items you would like installed from a garden centre, and we would be happy to handle the installation. We do not source flowers, but if you buy them in advance, we would be happy to install them
What if I don’t know how mulch or soil I require?
  • Our team can help calculate the amounts required
What colour mulch do you have?
  • We offer red, black, cedar and most popular, mahogany. A video of the different colours can be found above
How many professional gardeners work in a crew?
  • We work in teams of two professional gardeners, sometimes with a third junior helper
What’s the minimum or smallest job you will complete?
  • We love small jobs; our minimum is simply one hour of work for the crew
How many hours of labour will my garden take to complete?
  • Every house is different, so the job time will depend on the current conditions of the gardens. Our team will work diligently to provide great value. We are happy to complete the work at a date and time of your choosing so you can monitor the work or ask our team questions
What method of payment do you accept?
  • We accept Visa or MasterCard. We would note the card information to complete the booking, but the work is not billed until after the job is complete
What if I’m not fully satisfied?
  • We will work with you to correct the issue at no additional charge