Top Dressing

Spreading fresh soil on your lawn is the best way to restore vital nutrients and improve the health of the turf. Our top-quality will provide great results!

About the service

Top Dressing: Improve the health of your turf

  • Soil is delivered by the cubic yard
  • Our team will spread the soil on your lawn
  • We will rake in any clumps and clean up any mess
  • Lawn will be over-seeded to allow new grass to grow
Top Dressing Q&A
How do I get a free quote?
  • Please fill out the online request a quote form or call our office. We will reply with a free quote within one business day
What is your cancelation policy?
  • You may cancel any time for any reason. We are easy to work with. We simply ask for 2 days’ notice so we can adjust our schedule accordingly
How much soil do I need?
  • Each cubic yard of soil covers 1,500 square feet of lawn area. We can calculate the size of your property for you and recommend the quantity required
What’s a cubic yard?
  • A cubic yard is a unit of measurement which is 3 feet tall, 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide. Each cubic yard weighs approximately 2,000 lbs
What’s the minimum order?
  • ½ a cubic yard
How is the soil spread?
  • We will use either a soil spreading machine or wheelbarrows and rakes, depending on the size of your property. Please watch the above video for a demonstration
Is over-seeding included?
  • Yes!
How long does the grass seed take to germinate?
  • With proper watering, seed should germinate in 10 to 14 days. Fresh seed needs to be watered lightly, but often: 3-5 minutes, several times a day
What method of payment do you accept?
  • Visa or MasterCard