Lawn Treatments

At Lawn Troopers® we are the only premium lawn-care provider to feed your lawn the benefits of fast acting liquid sprays along with the nourishment of long-lasting, slow-release granular products.

About the service

10 Star Package: High caliber lawn care for bold results!™

  • 10 comprehensive treatments
  • Effective weed control (IPM)
  • Unlimited respraying of weeds
  • Premium grass seed
  • Spring or fall aeration
  • POLYON® fertilizer
  • Soil nutrient conditioner
  • Root-strengthening additive
  • Surface insect control (IPM)
  • pH soil testing/10-point inspection

5 Star Package: Defend your lawn on all fronts!™

  • 5 specialized treatments
  • Effective weed control (IPM)
  • Quality fertilizer
  • Soil nutrient conditioner
  • pH soil testing/5-point inspection

3 Star Package: Keep your lawn and your wallet green!™

  • 3 basic treatments
  • Essential fertilizer
  • Soil conditioner application
Lawn Treatment Packages Q&A
How do I get a free quote?
  • Please fill out the online request a quote form or call our office. We will reply with a free quote within one business day
What is your cancelation policy?
  • You may cancel any time for any reason. We are easy to work with. We simply ask for 2 days’ notice so we can adjust our schedule accordingly
What if I am not happy for any reason?
  • We will work with you to correct the issue at no additional charge. There is no contract so you may also cancel any time for any reason, with 2 days’ fair notice
How often are the visits?
  • With all packages, treatments occur every 3 to 5 weeks. The number of visits depends on the package
Are the products safe for pets and children?
  • Yes, all products are natural and no traditional pesticides are used as per the pesticide ban in Ontario
Can I try one single treatment instead of a program?
  • Lawn treatments are a process, results take time and multiple treatments, which is why we offer packages and do not offer individual treatments
What if I still have weeds?
  • Our 10-star program comes with free resprays and we would be happy to reapply if needed. Weed control is a process and will take some time
How long does it take to notice results?
  • Lawn treatments are a process. Each visit builds upon the results of the previous visit. Our goal is to improve your lawn over course of the season. Results will not happen over night
What do I need to do to make the program work?
  • To optimize the results of our treatments, the lawn will need regular watering and mowing. Also, be sure to follow any special instructions in our inspection reports
How do I know when you are coming?
  • We can email or text before each visit. Please have the yard clear and fully accessible
How do I know what you applied to my lawn?
  • During each visit we will leave a detailed inspection report at the door, and a sign on the lawn. We can also email or text you more information about the service being provided
What methods of payment do you except?
  • Visa or MasterCard
Can I prepay?
  • Yes, if its more convenient, you may prepay at any time and we will extend a prepay discount